Transactional analysis

TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (developed by Eric Berne) brings into consciousness the 3 most important personal inner positions: the ADULT, the PARENT and the CHILD.

In ‘the PARENT’ we find the sum of the authority and care-taking of parents, educators, authorities passed on from generation to generation: too often an unconscious mix of ‘love’, moral judgments, manipulations and projections, because of the unripe ‘psychological age’ of the parents and ‘authorities’.

The ‘inner’ CHILD internalizes these emotional parental, educational and cultural patterns Often, in order to survive, the child adapts too much and looses the creativity and freedom to be(come) itself…

The ‘inner’ ADULT is neutral, open to learn and to practice skills… and can as well develop a wide range of understanding, compassion and wisdom as ‘a ripened soul’.