Louise’s message

Dear Friend,

As you might regularly read Tolle’s texts about the emotional, ‘pain body’… (read here), you probably remember my invitations ‘to ride your inner emotional horse with consciousness and love’…

Please be aware that we pollute the world with negative and emotional thoughts and behaviour…whatever we say, think and do has an effect, and as a boomerang we get back what we send out.

This universal law is to teach us to become responsible and aware of our energetic impact. The only human functioning what this planet needs NOW is loving maturity.

Of course you might immediately react, pointing to the incredible egoism and powertrips we witness around us, in newspapers and on the screen…

This behavior belongs to the ‘animal’ in us: the fight is always about how to get the most and the best…and that creates the terrible human condition of the ‘haves and have-nots’, direct source of terrorism, fanatism and other ‘isms’…

Please let your reaction be conscious, out of compassion… Note that anger, revolt, sadness reinforces your negative emotional body and creates more ’emotional tennis’.

Understand that egoism and (mis)use of power is related to certain ‘inner ages’… (the frustrated child, the resentful adolescent): the ego – in all incarnations – has always to pick up its past life-vibration…in order to continue working with it, until the ego reaches its peak, will enjoy power for a while… till the question comes up: does this power bring me and others harmony?

That is a turning-point that shall be missed, if the person is not ready to see the effects of his doings, thoughts and emotions.

These years are considered as the end of this ‘old split world’, based on a dividing, polarity-system. Polarity, opposition, was needed to create clarity for a ‘young’ world-population who needed basic, simplistic ‘schooling’ to learn to survive by experiencing the working of the law of action and reaction.

The Mayan-Elders knew about this spiral of evolving, continuous schooling.

They knew and many of us know now that polarity has had its time: complementarity, conscious cooperation between all life-forms is for now and for tomorrow…

We should no longer live, ruled by an emotional surviving system, supported by endless thoughts and rationalisations…. We are – urgently – invited to consciously surrender to the rule of the warm, knowing, compassionate Heart-chakra, operating fully in the Here and Now…

My work is about this.

By assisting you in undoing the knots in your emotional functioning… the goal is to raise your functioning to the trustful ruler of the Heart, the living Soul, in inner connection to the Divine.

Love, wisdom and harmony is what you can and may live.
Please use me for that inner process,


For people who never worked with me, this text might need more explanation.
Feel free to contact me with your questions or invite me to talk about these things in the workshops.