• 2022: 3 NOVEMBER Louise is back in  Budapest and we start again with Gestalt.
  • June/July were very intensive with 6 workshops on al weekends and Gestalt on all Wednesdays.
  • In November we repeat the same rythm: 4 weekend-workshops in Budapest: 5+6, 12+13, 19+20, 26+27.
  • Every Wednesday from 5 to 9 pm there will be Gestalt-class for interested people and for professionals!
  • As always: professionals pay more than non-professionals and those who work pay more than those who do not work in the center of the group.
  • Louise prefers to work in groups, so there will be no private sessions (horoscopes, Gestalt and rebirthing) unless there is real urgency.
  • Please contact Agnes Furedi for information and sessions: tel. (0036) 20 972 7306.
  • Direct contact with Louise: tel. 0031 6134 654 23 and bloemenlouise@gmail.com
  • End 2022 she probably drives back to the Netherlands.

Open Weekend-Workshops

In her open weekend-workshops, Louise uses the methods: Gestalt, Family- and other Constellations, Rebirthing and Astrology, according to the need of the participants. She starts always with a dance in the cercle and with body-exercises and/or hara-breathing.

If you have a minimum of 10 participants, you can invite Louise to come. There is no maximum number for participants. Louise loves to work with many people in one workshop: she will work first with those people who have urgent problems to harmonize, specially when they are young couples and/or (young) parents.


REBIRTHING (originated by Leonard Orr, comparable to ‘holotropic’ work, developed by Stanislav Grov) is an important breathing-technique. It can open up layers of the subconscious mind, in order to integrate and harmonize consciously dramatic events of the past.

Louise gives private-sessions, weekend-workshops (for everyone) and sometimes intensive trainings to (semi-)professionals. Once groups are formed, Louise will discuss the form and length of the training. At the end of the training, a Certificate of presence is given.

Work on Crete, Greece

Louise worked in Athens from 2012 – 2014. In 2014 she was invited to come to Crete. There she worked several years close to Xania, giving trainings in Rebirthing (organised by Vivian Karavanou), Gestalt and Family-constellation (organised by Archontissa and Ingrid-Margarita from "Orizon"-Akrimios).

Louise is still often on Crete and she gives sessions or explains Horoscopes, when people invite her to do so.