Family and Systemic Constellations

CONSTELLATION is the intense – energetic – group-method that Bert Hellinger created with his own experiences of Gestalt and Psychodrama (Jacob Levi Moreno). The person who suffers from a lack of harmony in his/her life, is invited, after giving some basic information, to choose among the group-members the representatives of his family, colleagues, feelings (e.g. anger, jealousy), concepts (e.g. goal, obstacle, money, God, etc.) and to place them in the room, in a spontaneous way. The professional facilitator works with the feelings and blockages involved in the constellation, in relation with Hellinger’s basic rules on families and systems. What follows is based upon the amazing, intuitive capability of humans to pick up the information/vibration of the energetic web underlying all relationships – through bodily sensations and emotions… By the feedback of the representatives the mental and emotional blockages can be dissolved through a few ritual gestures and sentences, thus the harmony of the network constellation can be restored, what will be realized also in the life of the client after a certain period. The method proves that all humans are connected!