Gestalt – The “empty chair” technique

GESTALT is an energetic tool for harmonization. Each moment of our life is a combined result of many internal and external – often opposite – effects and conditions that create a current formation, „Gestalt”. We can function harmonically, when we have such an inner center that can connect the sometime extremely opposite impacts of the outer world and the negative reactions generated inside us to a harmonic and more and more complete Gestalt. The Gestalt method – as much as Family constellations – works based on the principle of the „knowing field” called morphogenetic field (where all forms of life belong to) by the well- known scientist, Rupert Sheldrake. The method has been developed by Fritz and Laura Perls.

Using this amazing and very simple tool we can become conscious about and can balance emotions and reactions ruling our daily life since our childhood. Having paid respect with sincerity and gratitude we make the subject of our problem or conflict seated in an empty chair and opposite, from the chair of our personality we can share such thoughts with, or ask such questions from parents, children, partner, boss or parts of our personality – including our Higher Self – we have never dared before. Having asked the questions and leaving our personality in its chair and sitting over into the empty chair as the „other party”, we can have a conversation with the subject or player of our conflict. With the answers received – thus healing that part of ours – we can contribute to a greater and higher wholeness – wellness of our complete selves.