Short Introduction of Louise

Louise Bloemen was born in 1943 in Holland, as second of ten children of a pharmacist father and a nurse mother. She is divorced and has a daughter. She has been working since 1975 as a Gestalt therapist, rebirther, experiential trainer/facilitator and astrologer. The experience of her own crises, her holistic studies and humanistic techniques make her a dedicated guide and authentic therapist.

In Europe her trainings include Gestalt (by Walter Kempler, scholar of Fritz Perls), Voice-Dialogue (by Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman, the founding couple), ‘Death and transition’ (by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross), dream-work by Brazilian psychiatrist Leo Matos, ‘Non-violent communication’ from a scholar of Marshall Rosenberg, the Avatar training (by Michel Leterrier). The weeks in India, Poona, 1979, in the ashram of Bhagwan/Osho were the base for her transpersonal awakening (samadhi-tank) and evolution: concentration exercises of Gurdieff and the ‘who am I’-workshop. She went to the USA for the Rebirthing-method from founder Leonard Orr in San Francisco and experienced regression in the center of Chris Griscom in Santa Fe.

Louise is a practicing follower of life-long-learning in the fields of therapy, spirituality and especially in Gnostic philosophy. She visited Osho, Krishnamurti, Daskalos and Amma. She frequented the Templar Knights, Theosophists, the Sufis, and the Golden Rosecross in France and Holland.

Keywords of Louise’s work are inner wholeness and conscious harmony: raising consciousness to create individual-, family-, social-, and planetary harmony. Her workshops are open for anyone, because they focus on the self-experience of the participants, deepened by Louise’s transpersonal, holistic view and attitude, her clear thinking and intuitive approach.

After years of living and working in France, and workshops in Holland, Louise introduced herself in Hungary in 2005 in the Summerschool of the Hungarian Transpersonal Association and continued to facilitate groups, private sessions and residential retreats with energetic methods (Hellinger’s family and systemic constellation, Rebirthing /regression, Gestalt) in Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and Pécs. In October 2016, Louise finished the 4th Rebirthing Facilitator Training.
Since 2012 Louise works as well in Greece, specially on Crete since 2014.
In 2017 and 2018, workshops were given in Romania.


Louise is working in English, French, German and Dutch; in Hungary and Greece, she works in English with consecutive interpretation.

She was until 2019 a member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy – EAGT.