Agnes about the work of Louise

It is not easy to summarize Louise’s work. She is unique, because she does not belong to any specific view, and her work cannot be separated from her personality. If I have to find a category, I would call her an experiential therapist with a spiritual/holistic/transpersonal/esoteric view. She collected all her knowledge through experience in solving her own difficulties, and doing workshops with very renowned therapists.. integrating this all, she is more authentic than many therapists. She lives, works and teaches what she believes. Her work is more than therapeutical problem-solving, it is about supporting the inner growth in everyone. She is very intuitive, knows and uses many methods -sometimes mixes them, especially Gestalt and Hellinger. She is also unique in teaching/giving explanations while she works, in a very natural, simple and wise way. She is transparent and straightforward: sometimes this might seem strange for traditional people. She is a strong, might try your limits, but she gets to the point.