The goal of my work

I know what it is to feel unhappy. Around the age of 29, I felt depressed, because I did not know myself and my task for this life. By participating in all sort of workshops, I created a good base for my identity and a base for working as a professional Gestalt-therapist. At 36, I went to India, to Bhagwan Rajneesh (Osho), because his book ‘The White Cloud’ revealed wisdom to me. There in Poona, I discovered the higher – divine – layer in myself. From then on I walked the path of a disciple, a Gnostic student… and I became a holistic, transpersonal working psycho-therapist. I became and am a much more harmonious being!!
This is what I wish everyone to experience… : Ruling the own emotional upheavals with understanding, compassion and unconditional love… Or: riding the inner horse as a loving master! Most people depend on the ‘horizontal’ relational exchange between ‘me and others’: the base of expectation, manipulation, victimization.. The best way is to function as a conscious ‘vertical’ canal of Cosmic Electricity (+) and Earthy Magnetism (-): Father/Mother God or ‘Abwoon’, meeting in the ‘heart-chakra’. As a consequence the relational way of functioning will be based on freedom and authenticity.
I believe that we need many lifetimes to complete conscious harmony between our earthy experience and our divine ‘soul’-being. I met masters and ‘gurus’, what made me convinced that we all have the potential for Self-realisation (another word for ‘enlightenment’), once past the steps of the personal ‘self-realisation’. The goal of my work is to enable others to transform their blockages (‘karmic patterns’) into conscious living, in order to walk on this ‘holy’ path and to fulfill the potential what is given to all human beings.