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Welcome in my homepage that is under continuous development. Please do not hesitate to ask further information. All friendly comments are welcome!

Köszöntelek a honlapomon, amelyen folyamatosan dolgozunk. Kérlek, bátran írj, ha kérdésed van. Minden baráti javaslatot örömmel fogadok.


Dear Visitor,

Welcome at Louise’s website. Either this is your first visit here, or you know Louise and me – Agnes, her Hungarian organiser – since long. Take your time to read the pages. We appreciate very much if you share any questions, comments or suggestions with us.

Louise’s work is about creating more inner and outer harmony through consciousness- raising, based on self-knowledge and personal development. The techniques she mostly uses, are: Astrology, Gestalt, Hellinger’s family- and systemic constellation and Rebirthing.

Her work is important and urgent in these times  of continuous planetarian changes and crises. Only intensive inner work can prepare us to face them.

Louise’s open weekend-workshops and individual sessions give opportunities to deepen your self-knowledge, so that you receive changes in the outside- and inside-world with more understanding and trust, as ‘daily schoolwork’, as an invitation to accept challenges with an open heart.

Louise’s work invites you to meet your shadow side: the pain, blockages and wounds of this and other lives. By understanding and integrating them, you free your original, inner power, on which you can safely rely, anytime and anywhere.

Her teaching comes from the traditional source of wisdom: how important it is to realize that we, human beings, are guided day and night by our Higher Self, our inmost divine Self, and that our body, emotions and mind are beautiful tools to experience life on earth. Once we live this realization, we can no more be a victim of outer conditions: our Creative Divine Self is then free to enjoy the daily happenings, tasks, responsibilities and relations.



Therapy for Life, Creation and Community with Louise Bloemen