REBIRTHING, developed by Leonard Orr out of old yogi-practices.

By intense, ongoing breathing (through the nose preferentially) high in the chest in the beginning, the conditions of ‘hyperventilation’ are created by the chemical reaction of the blood. By consciously going through the process – deeper, unconscious layers open up, giving an outlet to blocked emotions, past images and eventually past life-traumas… (Stanislav Grof’s books give important information about the healing effect of breathing techniques.)
Everything in a human being tends to harmony… this is the reason that a person will always search for occasions to free him/herself from old blockages. Liberation and harmonization can only happen when the person is consciously involved.
The new freedom is the base for a more harmonious way of being. We all – and specially medical professionals – should understand that the body is so wise that it creates conditions we call ‘hyperventilation’, in order to urge the person to free him/herself from stressful and blocked conditions.