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Welcome at Louise’s website. Either this is your first visit here, or you know us since long, please take time to have a look. We appreciate very much if you share any questions, comments or suggestions with us.

The main focus in Louise’s work has always been on consciousness raising, starting with self-knowledge and personal development. It means simply to discover our own abilities and reactions through experience, and consciously using this knowledge in order to create more harmony and balance inside and outside us alike.

This is becoming more and more important in these times of continuous changes and crises that force us to face ongoing challenges. We can only get prepared for them through intensive inner work.

Louise’s open weekend workshops and individual sessions give opportunities for this kind of work. Deepening our self-knowledge can help us not to receive unexpected changes of the outer world and the consequent image of a hardly calculable future with anxiety rooted in fear, stress and uncertainty, but as a challenge. This work can be fostered by getting acquainted with our shadow side, by discovering our points of weakness and vulnerability and by finding those innermost and powerful resources of ours,  which we can safely rely on anytime and anywhere.

Besides immediate and case-by-case problem-solving we have to bring up to the surface and to heal our old wounds and dissolve our blockages. These enable us – as ever cleaner channels – to let changes go through us with the consciousness of our inner being or Higher Self. When we really discover and know – also on an experiential level – the essence of our place both in the outer and inner worlds, our tasks, responsibilities, relations, sources of power and harmony, then no outside force or condition can push out or distract us.

In her therapeutic and self-development work Louise chooses intuitively from a wide choice of methods depending on the current case or problem; most frequently the techniques of Gestalt, Rebirthing or Hellinger’s family- and systemic constellation work.

Besides the experiential self-development workshops – one open weekend workshop in Budapest and two practicing Gestalt afternoons – public and free exam of the 4th Rebirthing facilitator training – started in May – will be held on 23-24 October.

We carry on – in a similar completely open form – on two Thursday afternoons – the Gestalt experiential practicing training we introduced three years ago, recommended mainly for professionals.


Appointments for individual consulting and therapeutic sessions with Louise can be booked for weekdays through the given contact data, during the Autumn period only for urgent cases.


From end of October, Louise will work in Greece, on Crete again. She will facilitate a 4 weekend Gestalt training starting with demonstration, and will go on with the previously introduced Rebirthing training as well.

Louise can be reached by mail: louise.bloemen@hetnet.nl and by phone:                           +36 20 957 1117 and in Holland: +31 6 1346 5423.

Agnes Furedi can be reached for all questions, requests and proposals at:     agnes@Louise-B.com   or   +36 20 972 7306

Vivian Karavanou, Louise’s contact person in Greece can be reached at:     vkaravanou@gmail.com or  +30 694 573 0851

Archon Tissa, contact person for the Gestalt training in Greece is available at archon.k@hotmail.com