Dear Visitor,

Welcome at Louise’s website. Either this is your first visit here, or you know us since long, please take time to have a look. We appreciate very much if you share any questions, comments or suggestions with us.

Louise’s work is about creating more inner and outer harmony through consciousness- raising, based on self-knowledge and personal development. The techniques she mostly uses, are: Astrology, Gestalt, Rebirthing and Hellinger’s family- and systemic constellation.

Her work is important and urgent in these times  of continuous planetarian changes and crises. Only intensive inner work can prepare us to face them.

Louise’s open weekend-workshops and individual sessions give opportunities to deepen your self-knowledge, so that you receive the changes of the outer world with more understanding and trust, as ‘daily schoolwork’, as an invitation to accept the challenges with an open heart.

Louise’s work invites you to meet your shadow side: the pain, blockages and wounds of this and other lives. By understanding and integrating them, you free your original, inner power, on which you can safely rely, anytime and anywhere.

Her teaching comes from the traditional source of wisdom: how important it is to realize that we, human beings, are guided day and night by our Higher Self, our inmost divine Self, and that our body, emotions and mind are beautiful tools to experience life on earth. Once we live this realization, we can no more be a victim of outer conditions: our Creative Divine Self is then free to enjoy the daily happenings, tasks, responsibilities and relations.


In 2017, from January until half April, Louise will work in GREECE, on CRETE again. She will facilitate in the centers Orizon and PHI in Xania weekends Gestalt-training, Family-Constellation and Rebirthing.

From 27 September until 25 October, also 8-15 November, Louise will be in HUNGARY to give weekend-workshops. In Budapest, the weekly Gestalt-afternoons and training for professionals, that was introduced years ago, will continue. Private sessions can also be arranged for weekdays.

28-29 October and 4-5 November Louise will give weekend-workshops and – in between – private sessions in Bucharest, Romania.

Louise can be booked for programs, workshops and private appointments through the given contact-data: louise.bloemen@hetnet.nl and bloemenlouise@gmail.com + smart-phone/what’s app: +31 61346 5423; in Greece: +30 69401 18060 and in Hungary:         +36 20 957 1117.

Agnes Furedi, Hungary, can be reached for all questions, requests and proposals at:     agnes@Louise-B.com or +36 20 972 7306.

Satyamayi, Romania, can be contacted for all Bucharest programs at: respirliber@gmail.com or +40 729 621 011.

Vivian Karavanou, Louise’s contact person in Greece, leader of PHI, can be reached at:     vkaravanou@gmail.com or +30 694 573 0851  and the leader of Orizon: Ingrid/Margarita: +30 697 414 3598.