Open Gestalt Class and Module 1

In 2018, Louise will give in Romania a GESTALT-MODULE nr. 1: interested students need to be present during 4 weekend-workshops, in order to get a certificate, signed by Louise. They will have to read available Gestalt-books and/or consult internet-texts. At the end of the 4 weekends, students need to make a report about their own experience and about their understanding of the Gestalt-method. Further information: Sabina Satyamayi Preda.

In all Louise’s ‘open’ workshops, everyone is welcome to work on what they find difficult in their life and those who are not coming for ‘certification’ can just come for 1 weekend-workshop. Louise does not work with people who come only for 1 day to see how she works.


In Budapest, the weekly GESTALT-CLASS will continue in Sept/October 2018, for professionals and interested people. These afternoon-sessions are from 5-9 p.m. on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Further information: Agnes Furedi, tel: +36 20 972 7306.