Events 2020

  • 2020: From January 3 to half March, Louise was in INDIA: beach in Goa, the famous spiritual community Auroville and climbing the Arunachala-mountain (ashram Ramana Maharshi).
  • Half March 2020: LOCKDOWN.. Louise had a last flight from India to Athens and CRETE, GREECE, and stayed there during the lockdown!
  • For horoscopes and private sessions Gestalt and rebirthing: contact 0031613465423 +
  • From half July on, Louise is probably again in the Pilion-Mountains (between Athens and Thessaloniki), in ALEXANDROS, one of 3 centers forming ‘Kalikalos’, related to Findhorn. in Scotland. See Google and YouTube.
  • September/October 2020: If Covid-ruling allows, there might be weekend-workshops and Gestalt-class in ROUMANIA (contact Sabina Satyamayi Preda: +40 729621011) and HUNGARY (where Louise worked yearly since summer 2005. Information:, tel. +36 20 972 7306).